Ad-made Spiritual Guru?

The daily video gurus, TV babas, astrologers, past life analysts and many other ad-made ‘Healers & Sidhi holders’, are all advocates of false spiritualities as they make us fearful about our future and present by making assumptions and predictions based on epic stories. They are seeding their business through mass media, the more you consume their catching content on your TV or Phone, the more you believe in them blindly.

The spending of your hard-earned money and precious time in their well-established organizations make you a customer rather than a spiritual person. The up and down including situational events in life make us feel powerless and in no control over our life, hence causing us to rely on the solutions given by them, and leaving us dependent on their expertise as we follow tradition to resist self-education. 

- Prof. Sudesh Kr. 

Founder // Spirituality in Action //